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February 22, 2010

Getting My Mandarina Ducks In Line: How I'd Rock These Handbags Now

mandarina ducks

Although the ridiculously shivery NYC weather still has us all bundled up in heavy wool trenches, snuggly thick scarves, and chunky knit sweaters, it's not surprising how (around this time of year) many are preparing for their annual closet revamp in anticipation for the warmer, cheerier months of Spring to move on up.

Naturally, with this in mind, I've inevitably started drafting a new roster of some of my Spring closet essentials, and one of the tops on my "To Scoop" list is a luxuriously delicious handbag (or maybe two) from the luxe Italian label, Mandarina Duck. Interestingly, although this label is an undoubted hit in Europe, it's popularity is slowly creeping its way to the US. And personally, I just love scoping out incredible high-end designer labels that are relatively under the radar. The calfskin leather on these precious beauties is quite exceptional, which makes the process of narrowing down which ones I want a bit tough. However, with the help of my "style gurus," Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Alexa Chung, choosing which I'd like the most might makes this process a bit easier:

mandarina black drawstring
(Or perhaps, should I go with Mandarina Duck's versatile black satchel? I can rock an easy, breezy day look (MK style) with my denim shirt, white blazer, and straw hat, or change up the denim and hat for a black tank and simple wavy locks for a night look. This satchel can be rocked with virtually anything!)

mandarina duck red
(Channeling the quirkier chic gal in me, "a la Alexa Chung", I was also thinking of copping this lovely Mandarina Duck red satchel to match up with my vintage leopard sweater, tweed skirt, trouser socks, and wooden platforms. The fun, harmonizing colour schemes of this overall look makes me eye this bag in particular. It has an uncommon, cheery quality. Bless its heart!)

(Surprisingly, after rummaging my closet, I realized that I don't own a ivory-coloured leather bag. The style and colour of this Mandarina Duck drawstring natural shoulder bag has me channeling a laid back, smart Brit look (as Sienna might do) with a slight "nautical" element. I'd rock this handbag with a striped boat neck top, navy blue boyfriend blazer, and acid skinny jeans. Brilliant!)

This is a tough call. I might just cave in and buy them all. haha! Luckily, my go to shop, Creative Contrast, is offering 20% off all Mandarina Ducks right now (promo code MANDARINA20). They also carry more gorgeous "MD" bags of your choosing. Sweetness.

By Lauren Baluyo, Contributing Blogger

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