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April 25, 2009

Floral patterns rule this season and are seen in Spring collections by many top designers. One of the accessories that are super hot right now is floral print scarves. Jessica Alba and Halle Berry look amazing in these chic retro style scarves by Tolani. Large Daisy flowers in a variety of shades ranging from a chocolate brown to gentle green and light pink invoke a hippie feel and create a fresh, feminine look. Simply tying a floral scarf around the neck will brighten up any outfit. A casual floral scarf tied loosely with jeans and a T-shirt is the style many celebrities go for this Spring and it is quickly becoming a trend.
These beautiful Tolani scarves in Daisy print are available at Creative Contrast for only $82. Use the promo code SPRINGTIME to receive an additional 10% off. And yes, shipping is also free worldwide!

Jessica Alba and Halle Berry in Tolani Daisy scarves

Tolani Brown/Yellow Daisy Scarf

Tolani Pink/Blue Daisy Scarf

Tolani Green/yellow Daisy Scarf

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April 19, 2009

Super Silky Tolani Good Luck Om Mantra Scarves

I recently saw this gorgeous scarf in Buddhist print on Anna Lynn McCord and decided that I absolutely needed to have one of those too! I found out that the scarf is called OM Good Luck Mantra and it was designed by Tolani. Made from a 100% pure silk with a beautiful print and small fringe along the edges, this scarf is to die for! It comes in ivory (as shown on Anna Lynn) and in delicious purple. It is so lightweight and versatile that it's perfect for going from Spring into Summer. Available at for only $82.

Tolani Good Luck Om Mantra Scarf in Ivory

Tolani Good Luck Om Mantra Scarf in Purple

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Jessica Alba's Fav Scarf Give Away! is giving away Jessica Alba's fav scarf - a bright blue Tolani Zig Zag. Fun photo submission for use on their site! Easy form simple random drawing in 30 days : Scarf Give Away

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April 13, 2009

Animal Prints and Florals Dominate This Spring

"The warmer weather brings our inner animal out of hibernation. So it only seems natural that you should express your ferocious style with some bright and bold animal print. Don't worry, we won't bite... hard" - this is the way the fashion press describes the runway trends this Spring.

Many top designers combine animal prints with feminine florals to complement bold animal designs with softer, more intricate flower prints. This Spring's runway fashion presents many beautiful interpretations of this theme, with leopard, zebra and cheetah prints combined with flower designs in both bold colors and more muted gray and blue hues.

Many celebs, like Paris Hilton and Eva Longoria are spotted in animal and floral prints. I love this beautiful dress on Paris!

For those of us who cannot splurge on haute couture, I found two new gorgeous Tolani scarves in pure 100% cashmere at an affordable price. These scarves are made in delicious leopard prints combined with exotic flower details. Both of these styles from the brand new Spring Collection from Tolani are available at Creative Contrast for $145. Use the promo code SPRINGTIME to get an additional 10% off!

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April 10, 2009

Matta Scarves

These are the most beautiful of scarves. I kinda think Matta is to scarves as Anne Fontaine is to the classy white shirt. Glamorous and splendid luxury but with sophisticated styling. Super high quality materials and hand work go into every one of these Dupattas. Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore and Naomi Watts apparently get it… and now that I’ve worn a couple of these I’m totally smitten! It’s like wearing a beautiful cloud. They’ll be perfect for the Summer. These guys have ‘em (and it should be noted they are difficult to find) on sale and ship free, even overseas!

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April 7, 2009

Sir Alistair Rai Rudraksha and Gayatri Scarves

I just returned back from Paris and am so inspired to look more feminine and stylish this Spring like French girls do! They just seem to know some secret of elegance and sex appeal. A small detail like cool stockings, a cute handbag like Lancel or Longchamp over a shoulder or a elegantly tied scarf seem to make all the difference.
Scarves! Everyone in Paris is wearing them - women, man even cute little French children have stripped, embroided, single tone or flower print scarf tied around their necks. I decided that I need one too, to wear with my trenchcoat, with my new Anne Fontaine black velvet jacket, my denims and a cashemere sweater.. everything in my wardrobe is longing for this cute French scarf. So, I did some research and found these super cute new scarves from Tolani and Sir Alistair Rai.

Sir Alistair Rai New Cool Spring 2009 Scarves

Love love love these new Sir Al Spring Collection scarves in vibrant turquoise, purple and gentle green. Sir Alistair Rai continues to carry its tradition of promoting the message of peace and love. These new scarves carry embroided Karma, Peace or Love and are decorated with traditional Hindu prints. Gayatri scarves (bottom left and upper right) are sooo perfect for this Spring and Summer and could be worn with a simple white tank top and jeans. Enlightened Rudraksha scarves (upper left and lower right) are even more special. They are decorated with traditional Rudraksha beads from Iindia. In hindu culture these hard seeds are strung into long necklaces and are used as a type of prayer beads by Brahmins and Sunyasis. Found on the Indian utrasum bead tree, they are believed to have magical properties.

New Spring Sir Alistair Rai collection is available on Creative Contrast website ( or just click on the picture below). They have great prices and offer free shipping. Use SPRINGTIME promo code and get an additional 10% off!

Tolani New Spring 2009 Collection Scarves

I also saw these adorable Tolani scarves in edge pattern in one of the boutiques in La Jolla, CA. They are super soft and the colors are so beautiful. Made with 100% viscose, these scarves are perfect for Spring. They also look great with denim.

Available for only $79 with free shipping on To get an additional 10% off, use SPRINGTIME promocode.

These gorgeous Tolani scarves in orange and fuchsia print were spotted on Ashley Tisdale. The colors are simply stunning! Made from viscose with some lycra, these scarves also have a little stretch. Click on the images to check them out on Creative Contrast website - available at only $79!

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April 3, 2009

Cuffed and Bound by Kenneth Jay Lane's New Spring Collection

Big, bold statement pieces like Kenneth Jay Lane cuffs are the way to go this season. Sparkly cuffs are featured on the runways of many top designers and the wrists of everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Victoria Beckham. From hammered metal to bright contrasting colors, the cuff is the "it look" of the moment.
Cuffs can be worn a variety of ways. They can be stacked, mismatched, used as a signature piece or worn on both arms for maximum impact. I love these gorgeous Kenneth Jay Lane cuffs that are available on Creative Contrast website at a discounted price for a limited time. A great way to get the runway look at an affordable price.

KENNETH JAY LANE Black and Swarovski Crystals Maltese Cuff Bracelet

KENNETH JAY LANE Maltese Cross Cuff Bracelet in Black and Gold

KENNETH JAY LANE Maltese Cross Gold Cuff Bracelet NEW

KENNETH JAY LANE Royal Crystal Blk Enamel Bracelet Cuff

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