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April 29, 2010

Trend Alert: Wooden Handled Clutches

The hottest trend this spring and summer are the wooden handled clutches that are popping up all over the fashion world. From MarieClaire magazine to Vogue; from runways to celebrities- these beauties are being spotted everywhere.

My favorite- Rebecca Minkoff's Lover's Clutch. Every die-hard purse lover knows these amazing clutches were nearly impossible to find a few months ago, but they're back and better than ever in beautiful new hues. Red, brown and royal blue are only a few of the colors available and don't forget the classic black! The clutches have been seen on the likes of Lauren Conrad and Michelle Trachtenberg. They're perfect for everyday or going out and beautifully made. For a fun surprise checkout Minkoff's signature patterns that decorate the inside of the clutches. They go quick to get yours now!

Lauren Conrad

Michelle Trachtenberg

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April 25, 2010

Runway Floral Fashion For Less

We’ve all seen the bright and vibrant floral patterns all over the runway this spring, from DKNY to Chanel to Dolce and Gabbana, featured everywhere from Vogue to Elle Magazine. We’re all about getting that runway look for less- and loving it!

What's the perfect way to get the floral look for less without depleting your entire week’s paycheck? Accessorizing! Brightly colored scarves from Tolani, Sir Alistair Rai and Matta NY add the perfect floral touch everytime. Fun flowering rings and bracelets from Kenneth Jay Lane or nOir Jewelry kick it up a notch. Clutches from Orla Kiely with ‘60s flower power prints are perfect with jeans.

Celebrities all over have been spotted rocking these floral favorites, including Whitney Port, Jessica Alba (who is seen in her Tolani scarves nearly every week), Zoe Saldana (show below), Lauren Conrad, Sarah Jessica Parker and so many more.

Zoe Saldana in DKNY

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April 21, 2010

What's dazzling on your finger? Bette the Butterfly or Yogi the Koi fish?

This season we're all about nOir's fun, flashy, dazzling rings! These hot animals have been seen on the likes of Paris Hilton, Katy Perry (shown below), Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus. nOir is one of fashion fastest up-and-coming design brands- with a growing clientele of celebrities everyday.

Perfect for bird lovers (the crow and owl are to die for), or just your all around animal fanatic- who doesn't want a rose gold hippo sitting on their hand? Not looking for an animal? Check out the sophisticated look of the cactus, sea flower or poppy rings- stylishly perfect for a night out! Rock Yogi the Koi Fish with a pair of dark jeans and a tee. These rings make amazing gifts too and are true collectibles!

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April 19, 2010

Seek Purity and Charm with Chan Luu

When choosing the next special piece to include in your fabulous closet, doesn't it always seem more rewarding when you come across true fashion treasures that hold a special story or were drawn from genuine design inspiration? When opting for your next "fashionable newbie" for the new Spring/Summer season, it's always a sweet gesture to incorporate pieces that manifest that "something special it-factor" into your personal collection. And for this fresh and sunny season, some cheery color palettes are essential in complimenting your loose-fitting tanks and jeans, frilly sun and maxi dresses, and even swimsuits. Therefore, next up on this season's shopping list: a purely luxurious scarf from it-designer Chan Luu in an array of tempting gorgeous hues.

Chan Luu pulls much of her inspiration from the sheer beauties of nature and from other world cultures, conjuring up one-of-a-kind accessories that exude elements of purity and enlightenment. While her jewelry pieces have been a major, well-deserved hit in the fashion and celebrity world, her high quality, supple scarves are up there in the "must-own" ranks as well. It's no surprise that Chan Luu's pieces have been featured throughout Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, and InStyle, and can be seen worn by A-list stars like Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Janet Jackson, and Jared Leto. Her well-known trademark skill is combining unusual forms with beautiful colors, and as you can see, this aesthetic is evident not only in her jewelry but also in her collection of scarves. Scoop up some special ones now at Creative Contrast, where you'll see amazing Chan Luu beauties.

By Lauren Baluyo, Contributing Blogger

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April 12, 2010

Get Playfully Smitten with Andrew Hamilton Crawford


From microphones, teardrops, prisms, to starry nights, the newest "it" accessory designers, Andrew Hamilton Crawford, have managed to leave quite a stylish impression in the hearts of many lovely gals. With a jewelry collection that mixes an aura of something playful, whimsical, inventive, and just simply SPOT ON CHIC, it's not surprising to see how much acclaim that these designers have achieved in the international fashion world.

Southern-born, New York designers Chad Crawford and Andrew Tessier are the clever duo that stands behind the label, offering beautiful pieces with a slight quirky, colorful touch. Famously known not only for their exquisite signature designs of resin enamel bracelets but also for their use of sterling silver and 18 karat gold vermeil, this label has gained instant recognition by some of fashion's heavy hitters. This includes not only the hottest of celebs (ehem, like dazzling Lady Gaga and her crystal microphone necklace pick) but also of well-respected shops like Henri Bendel, Fred Segal, as well as upscale W Hotel stores (who have scooped up their must-have line).

Personally, I would snatch up every piece in a heart beat. Imagine stacking a bunch of their gorgeous prism cuff bangles with a statement-making Mother of Pearl Dogwood bangle on your wrist, paired with a flowy sundress for these warmer, sunny days. Or, think about spicing up your sexy black, body-con dress with a pair of stunning Demask Teardrop earrings and a Starry Night bangle.

Here's my personal roundup or you can scour through Creative Contrast's drool-worthy beauties.

Let me know which pieces tickle your fashion fancy?

By Lauren Baluyo, Contributing Blogger


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