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May 31, 2009

Accessorize with a Sophisticated Sparkle!

One of my fav accessories this season is the Khan Market Sequin Scarf by Sir Alistair Rai. Made from 100% viscose with metallic threads and a sequin detail these scarves are perfect for a day to evening look. This scarf is wide enough also to be used as an elegant wrap over an evening dress or can be easily tied over a T-shirt for a casual look. Available in two colors, crème and black, at Creative Contrast for $122 with free shipping worldwide!

May 30, 2009

Feel The Love This Summer - Love Quotes Scarves Coupon Code!

Luxurious Love Quotes scarves are hardly in need of additional advertisement. These elegant, vibrant, hand-knotted, and extra long scarves were spotted on Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicky Hilton. Even in the Summer time, when the weather is warm, these scarves remain an indispensable accessory. Wear it with a tank top and your fav jeans, or use it a shawl to put over shoulders with your evening dress, a Love Quotes scarf is a must have this season! The great news is that Creative Contrast offers these fabulous scarves at an incredible price. Use the coupon code LOVE20 to get $20 off any Love Quotes scarf! This special runs through Monday, June 1st, and the quantity is limited! Also, 10% of Love Quotes profits are donated to international children's charities!

May 29, 2009

Clutchify Your Summer Coupon Code!

Today I wanted to blog about summer clutches. Light colorful summer clutches are an ideal way to accessorize this season. I adore these fun, feminine and sophisticated clutches by Sir Alistair Rai. The designer for the line, Kiran Rai, weaves “timeless messages of peace and passive resistance” into her accessory line. She draws inspiration from her Indian heritage and her love for rock-n-roll to create beautifully ornate and artistic designs. Her beautiful summer clutches made in stylish and fun paisley and animal prints are a perfect accossory that would work equally well for both casual and formal events.
These clutches and more Sir Alistair Rai accessories are available at Creative Contrast. Use the coupon code CLUTCH15 to get $15 off any clutch. Shipping is free worldwide!

May 28, 2009

Jessica Alba's New Love of CC Skye

Love love love these adorable braided mesh bracelets by CC Skye. Edgy and simple at the same time, these make a perfect Summer accessory. Jessica Alba looks so stylish in her sterling silver CC Skye mesh bracelet, Lauren Moshi Owl top and a Love Quotes scarf in Meditation (pure black). The gold-plated version of the same bracelet was also recently featured in Harper's Bazaar as one of the best accessories under $150. Both of these bracelets (the gold and the silver versions) are now available at Creative Contrast for just $115 with free shipping worldwide!

May 25, 2009

Crazy Kenneth Jay Lane Rings for Summer!

Oversized accessories are so in this season and what better way to accessorize your Summer than with fun statement jewelry by Kenneth Jay Lane? Striking, dramatic, bold, sparky with Swarovski crystals and plated with 22K gold, Kenneth Jay lane rings are a must have Summer accessory! I simply love his playful octopus rings that come in antique gold and gunmetal encrusted with fun turquoise colored resin cabochons or multi-colored crystals. And yes, another cool thing is that these rings have internal adjusters, making them a perfect fit for any finger size, from 5 to 9! Kenneth Jay rings are now available at Creative Contrast. Shipping is free worldwide!

May 23, 2009

Spice Up Your Summer with Eye-Catching Florals!

Yes, it’s true. Floral prints are one of the hottest fall fashion trends for Summer 2008! Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff and Halle Berry to name just a few Hollywood trendsetters were spotted out and about in eye-catching floral scarves. From strong bright colors like blue and pink daisy shown on Jessica Alba to soft and subdued pastels as seen on Hilary Duff, floral scarves are a terrific way look that’s very now, but not overly trendy. Beautiful floral scarves from Tolani and Sir Alistair Rai spring collection are available at Creative Contrast. Use the coupon code TOLANI10 to receive an additional 10% off on your Tolani purchase! Domestic shipping is free for all orders. International shipping is free for purchases over $100.

Floral Prints in Designer Collections

Celebrities in Floral Print Scarves

Floral Scarves by Sir Alistair Rai

Tolani Scarves in Daisy Print

Tolani 100% Silk Scarves with Floral Embroidery

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May 22, 2009

Beautiful Colors - Coupon Silk Matta Scarves for Summer!

New Summer 2009 Matta Dupatta colors! Now available at Creative Contrast at a discounted price. Use the promotional code MATTA10 to get $10 OFF on any Matta Dupatta purchase! Priority mail shipping is free worldwide!

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May 21, 2009

What is Matta Dupatta? It's an Obsession!

Once I bought my first Matta Dupatta soft cotton and silk scarf, I had to get another. Each color added a whole new dimension to my look. Matta in Sangria reminded of my last trip to Spain and thrust me into a warm evening of Spanish guitar, delicious wine and the smell of the sea. Next came Matta in Bay which works perfectly with my denims and favorite light-colored T-s. Through in a pair of cool Frye boots and your favorite concert T-shirt and this scarf and you got it made! Matta in Tikka - I love the traditional Indian print - exotic yet sophisticated. And, of course, Matta Dupatta in Black - classy, elegant and timeless black is always a must have as it goes with everything. Matta scarves are available at Creative Contrast for only $155 with free shipping worldwide. This discount is valid only through this Sunday (5/24), better get on these before they are all gone!

Matta Tikka Scarf in Nutmeg

Matta Dupatta Scarf in Sangria

Matta Dupatta Scarf in Bay

Matta Dupatta Scarf in Black

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May 20, 2009

Black and White Chic by Kenneth Jay Lane

Florals and oversized statement jewelry are so in this season. Kenneth Jay Lane, the legendary designer who created accessories for for Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, takes this trend a step further. This season KJL came up with designs made in a classic black and white color combination. The result? - jewelry creations that are chic, elegant and refined. I love his faux pearl flower necklace as well as bracelets and cuffs made with black and white starfishes, black resin cabochons and flowers with crystal encrusted petals. Beautiful Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry is available at Creative Contrast with free domestic and international shipping.

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May 19, 2009

Fab Silk Summer Scarves from Tolani For Less!

Summer is almost here and with warm weather luring us to spend more time outside what better way to accessorize than with Tolani 100% pure silk scarves? Fashionable, vibrant and dramatic in their bold paisley and abstract floral prints, these hand made scarves add a sophisticated and fresh finishing touch to summer outfits. Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad and Hilary Duff are among the many Hollywood celebrities that love Tolani. Tolani Morning Glory in Brown, Pink and Blue as well as Paisley embroided scarves from their newest Summer collection are now available at Creative Contrast. Use the coupon code TOLANI10 to receive an additional 10% off on your Tolani purchase! Domestic shipping is free for all orders. International shipping is free for purchases over $100.

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May 18, 2009

Summer Glam with CC Skye

New Spring Collection of a fashion forward edgy LA Jewelery designer... CC Skye is offering statement jewelry made with gleaming golden hardware and decorated with chunky studding, buckles or colored enamels. CC Skye's leather wraps, screw bracelets and stackable bangles have gained an impressive celebrity following, with Hollywood icons like Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz and Hilary Duff to name a few. CC Skye designs embraces the "It girl" style and offers this season's must haves in every collection. Each piece is made by hand from genuine Italian leather and is decorated with 18K gold-plated elements. This will also not break your bank as prices range from $115 to $190, much easier on the wallet than the jewelry collections of most leading designers. These gorgeous bracelets and more gleaming CC Skye styles are available at Creative Contrast with free shipping worldwide. Each piece comes in a CC Skye signature white and pink jewelry box and would also make an amazing gift.

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May 17, 2009

Wrap Eternity Around Your Neck - Sir Alistair Rai Mobius Scarves

I wanted to blog today about one of my favorite scarves this season - Ahuja Mobius scarf by Sir Alistair Rai. Mobius means eternity and Sir Alistair Rai skillfully turned this idea into a fashion statement. This scarf is seamed as one piece creating a circular shape that can be wrapped around the neck in a variety of ways. Rihanna wears her purple Mobius as a layering piece with a short leather jacket and Lindsay Lohan matches Mobius in tan with a classic black top and her signature leggings. Mobius scarves by Sir Alistair Rai are made from 100% Woven Rayon, a super light and breathable fabric that is perfect for warm summer days. Wear this scarf with a tank top and jeans and you instantly have a put together outfit.
Available at Creative Contrast starting at only $125 with Free Shipping Worldwide!

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May 16, 2009

The Whimsical Beauty of John Derian

I was looking for an elegant gift with a sort of vintage feel to it for one of my friends who is an artist and in my search I came across John Derian designs. I was completely charmed by his beautiful glass decoupages creations. His plates, paperweights and tableware are made with nautical, coral, and shell motifs uniquely combining modern and vintage. His work reminds me of everything I love of nature and human imagination. New themes merge with the old to create a look and feel which transcends time. Paperweights to plates and platters, John Derian offers beauty which isn’t defined by time or trend, and will always maintain an appeal and whimsical charm that will never fade. John Derian decoupage creations are available at Creative Contrast starting at only $46 with free domestic shipping!

Glass Decoupage Collector Plates by John Derian

Glass Decoupage Coasters by John Derian

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May 15, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Loves Matta Scarves, So Do We!

I loooove Matta scarves and this season Matta NY came up with new juicy colors! I gave Matta in Bay to my mother as a Mother's Day gift and she was so happy. I am now getting one in Sangria for myself!:) These tasseled scarves made from a blend of silk and cotton are a great year-round accessory and work with any outfit. They are a great gift idea, too. Check out the Creative Contrast website for gorgeous Spring and new Fall 09 colors. They offer great prices and shipping is free worldwide!

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May 14, 2009

Get Wild With Animal Prints!

Scarves couldn’t be hotter this season — with a dash of leopard-print and maybe some color, they are a great way to add a touch of the wild to any outfit. Worn in a variety of ways - with neutrals like Keira Knightley, with dresses like Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian, combined with bright bold colors like Sienna Miller or with classic black like Kelly Osborn, leopard print scarves are a can’t miss accessory! Tolani offers a variety of fun options for animal prints this season ranging from a classic print (lower image on the left), to mixed with fun colors (middle) or a chic digitally created design that combines sexy animal and floral prints on a bold emerald green background.
All of these scarves and many more are available at Creative Contrast starting at only $87!

May 13, 2009

Get Cuffed This Spring!

Oversized statement jewelry rules this Spring and large chunky bracelets are in, the chunkier the better! Many top designers, Chanel not excluded, came up with their own versions of oversized cuff bracelets. Heavily textured and embellished with studs and faux gem stones, these bracelets can be combined with a variety of outfits. Cuff bracelets are often seen stacked on top of another to make an even more dramatic fashion statement.

This season Kenneth Jay Lane offers a unique twist on the legendary Verdura Maltese cuffs that were so admired by Chanel. KJL's maltese cuffs come in gold, white or black and are heavily encrused with faux emeralds, rubies and topazes. As stunning as they look, these cuffs will not break your bank. Available at
Creative Contrast for only $195 with free shipping, these pieces also come in KJL's brand name gift boxes. Use the code CUFF10 at check out to receive 10% off on any KJL cuff bracelet!