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May 27, 2010

3 Ways to Wear: Chan Luu Summer Scarves

Summer scarves may seem like a contradiction in terms, until you realize that these lightweight knits do more than keep away the cold. A summer scarf serves as the ultimate accessory. Effortless and carefree, it embodies everything we love most about summer.

Chan Luu's newest collection of summer scarves makes it easy to stay cool all summer long while still bringing the heat. The question isn't which color you should buy (one of each!) but how many times you can wear the same scarf without duplicating styles.

These fashionable ladies, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie and Sarah Jessica Parker, show us three styles that are made to suit any summer scarf. Jessica Alba picked a light pink scarf to pair with a simple white tee. She nailed the look by wearing her scarf like a big frothy necklace and keeping all other accessories to a minimum. Meanwhile, Nicole Richie hardly gave her red skull scarf a second thought. The bright bit of fabric tossed effortlessly around her neck works to draw attention without complicating her boho attitude. Sarah Jessica Parker, the ultimate style icon, decided to play with contrasting patterns when she paired a light gray paisley scarf with an equally chic oversized striped bag. The look is casual yet hard to miss and perfectly in sync.

Shown here are three of our favorites from the new Chan Luu summer scarf collection. From left: CHAN LUU Shadow Dye Cashmere Scarf in Festival Fuchsia, CHAN LUU Crinkle Fringe Scarf in Maroon and CHAN LUU Paisley Cashmere and Silk Scarf in Cocoa .

- Anne-Marie Scali, Contributing Blogger

May 25, 2010

Get her look: Rihanna in Louis Vuitton and nOir

Rihanna stepped out in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton for the the DKMS 3rd Annual Linked Against Leukemia Gala recently but it was her nOir stacked spike rings that really stole the show.

Measuring 2 1/4 inches each, the spikes on nOir's stacked ring mean business. Only a style star like Rihanna could pull off a red carpet look like this, but getting a similar look is as easy as mixing a few hot pieces and picking your favorite nOir piece to match. We accomplished the same look by pairing this hot pink skirt with a metallic knit sweater, lace up boots and the nOir Four Stud Cone Pave Pyramid Ring in Silver, a similarly stylish piece but with a bit less punch.

From left: Louis Vuitton's Autumn Winter 09/10 Collection; Rihanna's killer nOir look; NOIR Four Stud Cone Pave Pyramid Ring in Silver, $55; MSGM Elasticated waist skirt, $206; Forever21 Metallic Knit Sweater, $22.80; Chinese Laundry Lace Up Hint Boots, $75.

- Anne-Marie
Scali, Contributing Blogger

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May 12, 2010

Hopelessly Devote-d To You

If soft, creamy, gorgeous leather with beautiful detailing is your cup of tea, then the Rebecca Minkoff Devote Tote is the must have accessory for you! Shiny buckles and sparkling detailing catch the eye while the supple leather sucks you in and drags you down into it's dark, luscious world of fabulous designer purses. The beautiful lining contains pockets for all your essentials and the purse itself has a bucket deep enough to hold all your hearts' desires.

The Devote Tote has been seen being cradled by celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Whitney Port.

The Devote Tote is also offered in "Auburn", which is the color I myself prefer. It's warm and inviting, and just begs you to reach out and touch it! A warm, rich brown that brings to mind the thought of milk chocolate; sweet, smooth and so good you never go anywhere without it!

-Amie Miklovich, Contributing Blogger

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May 9, 2010

Getting Wrapped Up In Sir Alistair Rai

I know, I know... scarves are meant for winter, right? Well, if this is your line of thinking, then let me correct you! Beautifully patterned and comfortably lightweight scarves are another of the hot topics in fashion this spring. One designer who knows how to bring to life the epitome of beautiful spring scarves is Kiran Rai, of the fashion lines Sir Alistair Rai and Satya Rai. Sir Alistair Rai is famous for their beautiful, delicate designs as well as bursting bright colors. Every design exudes a playful energy that will make you feel the same the moment you wrap one around you! Sir Alistair Rai scarves and wraps have been seen adorning the necks and shoulders of several well known celebrities, such as Jessica Alba, Mischa Barton and Julia Roberts.

A favorite of mine is the Karma Khari Print Scarf. With its beautiful sunset colors and stunning details, it's sure to brighten up any outfit or dreary day!

-Amie Miklovich, Contributing Blogger

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May 1, 2010

Golden Hues of Summer

A great way to encourage the ever-blossoming summer into season a little quicker is donning the sunny golden hues that have been popping up all over the fashion world recently. A wonderful example of prime golden color usage is the jewelry of Melinda Maria, available right on our website! The organic shapes and hand-made feel of all her pieces give the wearer a real sense of individuality, along with the soft golden colors that will give a beautiful, summery glow. A favorite of celebrity Vanessa Hudgens is the Vanessa Pod Ring. Vanessa has been quoted in saying, "The Pod Ring is one of my absolute favorites! It compliments every outfit and other piece of jewelry I put on." With its simple yet elegant design, it truly does go with anything you own... and more!

A favorite of mine is the set of Mademoiselle Double Pod Earrings. I'm a fan of shining, glowing, dangling earrings myself, so this set would be the perfect addition to any new summer wardrobe! Pictured below we have celebrities such as Isla Fisher and Kate Bosworth sporting Melinda Maria's beautiful works.

-Amie Miklovich, Contributing Blogger

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