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September 24, 2010

Inspired by Nature, Dandi Maestreā€™s Jewelry Embraces Its Wild Beauty

I came across this amazing accessory designer while surfing through fashion sites. Colombian-born, Dandi Maestre has been named an accessories genius and A-list designer by numerous fashion magazines. Her edgy and bold style, inspired by childhood spent in Colombia, brings back raw and exotic splendor. I love her ethnic-inspired aesthetic and an incredible sense of color.

Dandi's cuffs, rings and necklaces are crafted from natural materials and are at times unpredictable. Her captivating jewelry pieces made from raw bull horn, rough amber, emeralds and reclaimed wood are unique, artistic and expressive. All you need is just one of these beautiful creations to complete an outfit and draw attention!

September 14, 2010

Scarves Worth Smiling About

For most of us a great outfit makes us feel good. A terrific ensemble that is easy to create however can give you a constant smile throughout your day. Three Hollywood ladies who seem to always be smiling and are huge style icons are Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Keira Knightley. If you are looking for a way to bring a smile to your face and jazz up your look, take a look at these actresses for inspiration.

Cameron Diaz was recently spotted soaking up some of the U.S Open. Obviously a girl with a love of sports, she also knows how to put together an outfit for early fall. Want a look to make you smile? Snatch up a Chan Luu Embroidered Scarf with Pom Poms in Black and White. Completely affordable and proven to be a great accessory all year around.

Jennifer Aniston continues to make movie lovers laugh and laugh. Jennifer Aniston also makes fashion trend watchers swoon. She makes casual look simple almost on a daily basis. Her tools are her smile, great jeans and a splash of color. Add some style splash to your day with a Chan Luu Embroidered Scarf with Pom Poms in Cashmere Blue Combo; such a cool color for fall.

Keira Knightley shines both on and off-screen. The brunette is an original dresser. She not only puts together great outfits, she does so using non-traditional accents. Keira pairs her basics with clothes that pop; from tom-boy hats and brightly colored scarves, to cut off gloves and chic leather jackets. The Chan Luu Hand Embroidered Lakshmi Scarf in Ruby and Ketchup Red is a perfect example of a scarf that not only pops, it is completely original

A great outfit from head to toe will leave you smiling for sure. For the next three weeks we are offering blog readers a 5% discount on Chan Luu scarves (use the promo code SOCAL5). So grab a Chan Luu scarf and complete your own perfect look. Guaranteed to make you smile.

By Contributing Blogger - Chessy Wilson

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September 4, 2010

Orla Kiely Laptop Skins for Back to School Cool

Back to school season means it's time to toss the flip flops and get serious about September style. We love this season's trends, from tomboy chic to after school cool. Pencil skirts and cardigan sweaters are key pieces for all this fall, as are statement accessories.

Don't forget to dress your tech either. Every studios schoolgirl has an army of gadgets, from computers to calculators, but most of them aren't dressed the part.

Don't let dorky laptop bags get in the way of your otherwise flawless look. Orla Kiely has designed a line of subdued laptop skins that both protect your precious hardware and put on a good show. Thanks to her, looking fabulous all semester long is one test that's easy to ace.

Pictured at top: ORLA KIELY Alpine Forest Medium Laptop Skin in Rock ($93.50). The perfect compliment to chunky cardigan sweaters in cool fall hues. Fall fashions from J.Crew. Also shown with ORLA KIELY Alpine Forest Large Tote in Rock ($174.25).

ORLA KIELY Alpine Forest Medium Laptop Skin in Fern ($93.50). Layer textures and colors for maximum comfort and throw in a cool laptop skin for good measure. Also shown with ORLA KIELY Mini Check Stem Frame Purse in Multi ($68). Fall fashions from J.Crew.

ORLA KIELY Tonal Stem Print Large Laptop Skin in Purple ($135 ). Plum, pear, olive and orange are just some of our favorite colors for fall. Also shown with ORLA KIELY Mini Teacup Frame Purse in Ink ($68 ).

By Contributing Blogger - Anne-Marie Scali

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September 1, 2010

How To Wear Your Summer Tan

So as summer starts to look to fall the question really is, how do we make the most of the suntans we have spent all summer cultivating? Elle Macpherson might have one of the most classic celebrity suntans.

The Australian beauty definitely knows how to look chic even in just a simple bathing suit. Elle Macpherson creates inspired looks while tan purely from accessories with gold accents, and of course her laid back demeanor. One can easily achieve this casual elegance with the Chan Luu Custom Red Mud Jasper Wrap Bracelet on Gold Leather as featured in InStyle Magazine. This 5-wrap bracelet on gold Greek leather is made with semi-precious stones and is a perfect transition piece for fall. For the other tan wrist the Chan Luu Gold Vermeil Wrap Bracelet on Shell is a little lighter and makes the perfect partner.

Beyond being merely a style icon, Elle Macpherson is a mother of two and an entrepreneur. The way in which she makes a statement in even the most casual of attire is by wearing bright colors. Chan Luu scarves are great for adding color to any outfit; they are versatile and easy to match with any looks. The fabric and patterns work with all body types and matching textures. The floral prints on the Chan Luu Purple Cutwork Jaquard Cashmere Scarf are particularly perfect as we enter the end of summer. While the Chan Luu Cashmere and Silk Scarf in Red Rose gives the definitive color burst.

One of the most perfect times of year is when on summer nights you start to feel a crisp breeze. While you still can, take your sun blushed self outside, wrap your shoulders in a lightweight scarf and enjoy the last few weeks of true summer weather with family and friends.

By Contributing Blogger - Chessy Wilson

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