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October 27, 2008

Hot Dupattas! Love em' love em' love em'

As this crazzzy Bollywood film portrays, the dupatta is as must have in India, as it is... in Hollywood. Sir Alistair Rai has some of the best with sequined and crystal laden messeges of wisdom and peace embroidered into the scarves. I think it's really cool one can wear something fashionable that also makes an important statement in these times where wisdom and peace is sooo necessary.

Drew Barrymore in Sir Alistair Rai's Blueberry Love Dupatte Scarf

Luxurious Red Crystal love Dupatta

Raja Green Peace Dupatta Worn by Katie Holms

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October 26, 2008

Tolani Animal Print Scarves

These animal print scarves by Tolani are sooooo cool! I didnt even know they existed, until last Saturday while doing a little nerdy research on Tolani and the fantastical stuff she produces. These patterns are really sexy and go with all kinds of killer outfits. They sell for usually around $100 but I found em for $84.99 with my pals at Actually, Doug @ creativecontrast said if you mention my blog to them when purchasing a scarf they will give you an additional $2.00 off. What a sweet deal! If you think these are cool, as I do check them out by clicking the image to expand and check the link to their scarves.

Zebra Print Tolani Scarf

White Leopard Print Tolani Scarf

Reptile Print Tolani Scarf

Cheetah Print Tolani Scarf

Sienna Miller Wears Tolani Cheetah
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October 21, 2008

Kenneth Jay Lane is Insane!

Kenneth Jay Lane (KJL) has been around doing cocktail and heavy hitting wacked jewelry design since waaay back but his stuff just stands the test of time. I wear this octopus ring out to Sunset bars and get tons o' comments, most of them positive. Either way this stuff stands out and lots of stars wear it to do just that. Next I'm getting the tiger ring. It goes for around $112 at and slightly higher ($225) in stores.

KJL Gunmetal and Topaz Octopus Ring

KJL Gunetal and Topaz Octopus Ring

KJL Tiger Ring

Rwaar! KJL Rawwks!
KJL Tiger Ring

Rwaar! KJL Rawwks!
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October 18, 2008

Lisa Freede Celebrity Stylist Jewelry

Yesterday I went shopping with a friend on Melrose and noticed a group of snarky girrls wearing these cool looking earrings. I later remembered them from Glamour mag and some other evenings out. So, looking into it I found they were made by Lisa Freede a celebrity stylist who is also an up and coming jewelry designer. Her stuff is worn by a few of her notible clients who by the way include Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton! Anywho, these silver and gold "huggies" look really pretty in all settings formal or otherwise. The pics of them link to a good place to buy them at discounted prices.

Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton Wearing Lisa Freede Circle Huggies

Lisa Freede Silver Circle Huggies Silver Square Huggies

14K Gold Heart Huggies 14K Gold Peace Sign Huggies

Silver Star Huggies Lisa Freede Good Fortune Necklace

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October 17, 2008

Sweetest Fall Scarf - Tolani Zig Zag Rust

Sir Alistair Rai White Raja Dupatta on Jessica Alba

Jessica alba was spotted out and about in this gorgeous Sir Alistair Rai dupatta. With its snow white and contrasting red design adorned with gold "Karma" embroidery, this one is to die for! I think this is a must have Fall accessory for any serious fashionista!

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Sir Alistair Rai White Raja on Lindsey

Posted via Pixelpipe.

I'm super excited, Sir Al scarves just came in at my friends boutique. Lindsey Lohan wears these constantly! Her favorites include the one above its the White Raja Dupatta and its sooo cool. Click on the photo to head over to Creativecontrast's Sir Alistair Rai category of stuff on sale. All Fall colors unfurled and draped on yer neck!

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October 16, 2008

Tolani Honeycomb Defined

Someone said that the images I had up weren't clear enough... Ooook then, here goes. I'm adding more to make sure we all know exactly how these colors look. The folks at Creativecontrast put together these new images. Let me know what ya think...

Tolani Honeycomb Combo 1

Tolani Honeycomb Combo 2
Tolani Honeycomb Combo 3

Tolani Honeycomb Combo 4

Tolani Honeycomb Combo 5

Next I'll be showing off some stylish and fun Sir Alistair Rai scarves and Lisa Freede jewelry. Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton wears this stuff so check back for these goodies! Let me know if you like what I'm doin and if you have any qustions I can answer...


October 13, 2008

Tolani Honeycomb Combos Defined

So, this seems to be one of the hottest Tolani scarves out there right now. Its called Honeycomb and they come in bunches of color combinations. Problem is the different combos are kinda confusing. I decided to use this blog to get this info in the clear: just which Tolani color combo is what. Hope this helps...

Tolani Honeycomb Combo 1

Tolani Honeycomb Combo 2

Tolani Honeycomb Combo 3

Tolani Honeycomb Combo 4

Tolani Honeycomb Combo 5

October 5, 2008

1st Post I'm So Excited!

I love fashion and since I spend so much time giving advice to my online friends about the hot trends in L.A. and the So Cal scene I thought I'd set up this blog. This is a first for me so please feel free to give me advice as I go. 

This week I wanted to clean up the mess of confusion about Tolani scarves. No one seems to really know for sure which pattern and color combination is what. Now, scarves are going to be super HOT this Fall, again. Tolani, is kinda the trendy affordable Missoni scarf (like half the cost) and is really really beautiful stuff. So, in an effort to make things really simple for finding the Tolani of your choice I'm making this style guide. Each picture will be titled by its style name. I buy my scarves at cus' they discount their scarves and ship real fast.