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June 28, 2009

Panther Ring as worn by Kristen Stewart in Twilight

The panther is an intricate, graceful and elusive large cat, so it’s no wonder that the panther is one of the most admired designs of the Cartier brand. This striking creature with rich immaculate fur and bottomless mesmerizing eyes looks downright spectacular when crafted in gold or platinum and encrusted with diamonds. Having managed to capture the fundamental nature of the creature in ways unique only to Cartier, the company made billions of dollars on the sale of their the Panthere de Cartier collection of Cartier rings.

Perhaps the most popular design of all, the Panthere de Cartier ring is the shape of a panther’s head “literally envelops the finger to make a bold and solid eye-catching statement” as described by Cartier. Intense, sophisticated and sensual, this panther ring made in 18 karat gold with black onyx spots wraps around the wearer’s finger and stares outward with green mesmerizing jeweled eyes.

Panthere de Cartier collection is admired by many celebrities and was used as an accessory in numerous fashion shows and magazines. Kristen Stewart, the star from Twilight worn this “Panthere De Cartier'”Ring on a photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

While few of, devoted fashionistas, can afford Cartier ring, there is a cheaper alternative that is just as impressive. Kenneth Jay Lane's tiger ring made in 18K gold with Swaroski crystals and black enamel is hot, chic and daring in its own way. Now available at Creative Contrast at only $139 with free shipping worldwide!

June 27, 2009

Alexis Bittar Sale and Jackie O Clutch Give Away at Creative Contrast!

Dear fellow fashionistas,

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! I wanted to let you know about the exciting promo sale that Creative Contrast is running this weekend! Only this Saturday and Sunday (6/27-6/28), all of the Alexis Bittar purchases above $150 are at an astonishing 25% OFF! This is a golden opportunity to get amazing Alexis Bittar jewelry at a steal price! Use the sale promo code ALEXIS25 to receive this discount. For those of you out there looking to purchase a special gift (young gentlemen, wink wink) Creative Contrast gift boxes all of their jewelry free of charge! Domestic and International shipping is free!

Also, Creative Contrast just started another Give Away - this time for a super cute Jackie O Clutch in Animal Print by Sir Alistair Rai. To enter the contest, simply send a comment about any product that you really like on their site, or share your thoughts regarding what other hip fashion and accessory brands you would like to see them carry. The lucky winner (International customers are welcome!) will receive this cool clutch absolutely FREE! Priced at $135, the Jackie O clutch is exactly the kind of accessory one would hope to win in a contest. Sexy and stylish, it will become your new best friend for the entire Summer, guaranteed!

June 26, 2009

A White Hot Summer Look - Get the Golden Glow!

Summer is the time for accessories perhaps even more than any other season. Often adding a pop of color to your outfit by way of tying a scarf around your neck or adding a necklace or a cool ring goes a long way and makes all the difference. I love shopping for my accessories at Creative Contrast. They have an amazing selection of my favorite brands - Alexis Bittar jewelry, Sir Alistair Rai and Tolani scarves as well as CC Skye, Lauren Moshi and Kenneth Jay Lane. Just browsing this evening through their new arrivals I got inspired. I envisioned an outfit in white and gold - sort of a Summer golden girl with white icing on top:) Check out Creative Contrast's new accessory arrivals. Domestic shipping is free on all orders and international shipping is free for all orders over $100!

June 25, 2009

Moshi Moshi Lauren Moshi! New Hot Summer Tees!

The Summer is in full bloom, spoiling us with beautiful weather and offering a chance to show off a little more skin and your hottest accessories. Creative Contrast, my favorite online boutique, just got in a full line of Lauren Moshi's coolest tops and tees perfect for the season! Lauren Moshi's designs are artistic and unique. Each tee is carefully constructed from the finest fabrics using hand-applied graphics and is an art piece in its own right. It is no wonder that Moshi's line has a long list of loyal celebrity followers, with Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad, Halle Berry and Paris Hilton just to name a few! Quantities in each style are limited, so be sure to snag your favorite tee before it's gone! Priority mail shipping is free worldwide!

June 24, 2009

Stand Up for World Peace with Ghandi Tee by Sir Alistair Rai

Sir Alistair Rai has a knack for putting together fashion and powerful messages of peace and passive resistance that seem to be more relevant than ever in today’s world. Celebs all over have been wearing the line, including the sophisticated yet free-spirited Ghandi V-neck tee worn by Kristen Bell and Emma Stone. Among other trendsetters spotted in Sir Alistair Rai are Halle Berry, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba. "Wear your truth", - says the designer for the line Kiran Rai. We couldn't agree more! After all, beauty, truth and love never go out of style.

Wear this politically chic tee with a cool scarf to add a pop of color, a pair of jeans and an old-school fedora. Could Sir Alistair Rai's powerful messages change the world? Probably not, but Rai's designs could remind the person that wears it that their actions can...

Sir Alistair Rai's Ghandi V-Neck Tee as shown on Emma Stone and Kristen Bell is now available at Creative Contrast for just $65!

June 23, 2009

Luxurious Tolani Lipstick - a Fave of Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad!

The Tolani Lipstick Scarf is a Summer favorite of Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson. Made from ultra lightweight silk, this luxurious scarf features a geometric design in bold turquoise, chocolate brown, vibrant yellow and flirty red colors. Finished with knotted fringe along the edges, this oversized scarf (28" x 72") could be used both as a scarf or an elegant wrap. Now available at Creative Contrast for $85 with free domestic shipping on all orders and free worldwide shipping on all orders above $100!

June 22, 2009

Feminine, Sexy and Fresh-spirited - Sir Alistair Rai Bianca Maxi Kurta Dress

Finding a perfect Summer dress that is multifunctional, beautiful, comfortable and has a flair of individuality is something every fashionista dreams about. In times when our budgets are more tight than usual, multifnctionality goes a long way. This season, Sir Alistair Rai came up with, in my opinion, perfect solution - Bianca Maxi Kurta Dress. Made from a 100% pure silk, this dress is super light and ideal for hot summer days. Tie-dye painted in vibrant shades of India pink and white and decorated by hand made embroidery, this piece has a look that is truly unique and irresistibly feminine. Sir Alistair Rai's Kurta dress also comes with an elegant belt decorated with traditional Indian wooden beads. This accessory helps to create a more dressed up look for evenings out, while the dress can easily be worn by itself - over a swimming suit on the beach or around town.

Like walking straight into the sunset and never looking back, the Kurta Maxi dress by Sir Alistair Rai gives a refreshing burst of color and adds fresh spirit to your Summer wardrobe.

Now available at Creative Contrast in two colors - India Pink/White and Ocean Blue/White. Shipping is Free Worldwide!

Sir Alistair Rai Bianca Maxi Kurta Dress styled with Alexis Bittar
Sand Dollar necklace in gold
(also available at Creative Contrast)

Stunning Matta Tikka Scarf - Perfect for Summer!

This beautiful Matta Tikka scarf was designed by Cristina Gitti, the Spanish - American designer from Brooklyn, NY. Gitti draws her inspiration from her travels and explorations of other cultures. She likes mixing age-old techniques with new colors. The result - the feeling of movement and sense of history evident in the vibrant color palette and through the varied textures of her scarves. This Tikka scarf offers a small twist on Matta's trademark dupatta along with tassels on all four sides - a traditional Indian print. Matta Tikka in Nutmeg is the perfect scarf for Summer - light, elegant and unique in its design, it's sure to be noticed!

The Matta Tikka scarf is now available at Creative Contrast for only $175. Use the promo code TIKKA10 to get an additional $10 OFF! Shipping is free worldwide

June 21, 2009

Summer in Gold by Alexis Bittar

Summer is the perfect time for shimmering gold tone jewelry that works with everything from a relaxed beach throw to a silk evening dress. Alexis Bittar creations accomplish just that. The designer magically transforms natural shapes into gorgeously glam jewelry styles. His luminous gold lucite sand dollar necklace is reminiscent of rounded sand dollar shells. The designer's moondust tear drop earrings echo liquid drops of golden sunlight decorated with crystals in gentle shades of citrine, moonstone, and pink champagne. Alexits Bittar's cocktail rings are my newest obsession and I am in love with his finely textured, hand crafted Sophia cocktail ring in gold.

All of this Alexis Bittar jewelry and much more is now available at Creative Contrast. Use the promo coupon code Alexis15 to receive 15% OFF all purchases above $150. This is a limited time offer that lasts till 6/25 and inventory is very limited. Priority mail shipping is free worldwide!

ALEXIS BITTAR Large Lucite Sand Dollar Necklace

ALEXIS BITTAR Small Moondust Teardrop Earrings

ALEXIS BITTAR Sophia Cocktail Ring

June 17, 2009

New and Sexy Python Print Bracelet from CC Skye Resort Collection

Prints are always a fun and easy way to add a little glamour to any look. This season, python print seems to be a new "must have". Bold and always in style, python print adds an interesting twist to any outfit. This Summer, python prints are taking center stage in the world of accessories. Python print clutches, bags, belts and shoes have become the focus of Summer outfits. It is so easy to combine with casual and dressy. Just pull together a pair of your favorite jeans, a t-shirt and python print shoes, bag or a bracelet and you are out the door in a look that’s ssstrikingly sssexy. CC Skye just released their new resort 2009 jewelry collection that offers their famous gold screw leather bracelet in python print. Now available at CREATIVE CONTRAST for just $87 with free shipping worldwide! All CC Skye screw bracelets also come gift boxed, so this is also an excellent gift idea.

CC Skye Gold and Italian Leather Screw Bracelet in Python Print

CC Skye Gold and Italian Leather Screw Bracelet in Python Print

CC Skye Leather Screw Bracelets in Python Print and in White
Alexis Bittar Cocktail Sophia Ring in Lucite with Gold

June 15, 2009

Fresh and Spirited Sanskrit Scarves by Sir Alistair Rai

I love these fresh - spirited and artsy yet very modern and chic silk scarves from Sir Alistair Rai's newest Summer 2009 collection. The Sanskrit tie-dye scarf is one of those pieces that simply makes an outfit, while also adding an exotic flavor. Made in luxurious printed silk with extra long fringe, this scarf is a must have Summer accessory that is versatile, elegant and spirited at the same time. Sir Alistair Rai Sanskrit silk scarves are now available at Creative Contrast with free shipping worldwide! Use the coupon promo code SANSKRIT10 to get an additional 10% OFF!

June 14, 2009

Floral Embellished Necklaces - Perfect Summer Jewelry!

Statement pieces are always great. What is better during the Summer season then a statement piece that matches the season? How about a perfect statement piece; a flower necklace!
Floral necklaces are seen all over runways and in many designer collections. While many, like Dior, Chanel and Louis Vitton are pretty out there in terms of price, Kenneth Jay Lane floral necklaces with beautiful daisy flowers, ladybugs and butterflies are within the range that most fashionistas can afford.
Picture these delectable Kenneth Jay Lane necklaces with a floaty dress or one of the season's ruffled blouses! Perfect for prom, or your honeymoon jewels. Kenneth Jay Lane's New Spring Summer 2008 Garden Party collection jewelry is now available at CREATIVE CONTRAST with free shipping worldwide!

KENNETH JAY LANE Daisy Dragonfly Garden Party Necklace

KENNETH JAY LANE Daisy Flower Garden Party Necklace

KENNETH JAY LANE Pearl and Swarovski Crystals Flower Necklace

June 13, 2009

Who Needs Dior?

Plunging into Vogue's June issue, I discovered the new Spring/Summer beautiful Joaillery jewelry collection by Dior. Made in enameled gold and precious stones, this amazing jewelry is a true masterpiece. I visited Dior's website and browsing through the collection was of course stunned by the prices. 3,300 Euro for a ring alone - who in the world can afford this? After doing some research into Spring/Summer floral jewelry, I discovered a much more "cost effective" solution that, that looked just as stunning (well, without the diamonds, of course).

Kenneth Jay Lane's new Garden Party collection is fresh, vivacious and irresistibly feminine. Gorgeously crafted, jeweled and pearled flowers are blooming on gold plated cuffs and earrings. Its like wearing Summer on your wrist!
Kenneth Jay Lane's Garden Party jewelry is now available at CREATIVE CONTRAST with free shipping worldwide!

Ring by Dior 3,300 Euros

KENNETH JAY LANE Flower and Ladybug Garden Party Ring - $155.00

Dior Flower Earrings 3,200 Euros

KENNETH JAY LANE Flower Garden Party Drop Earrings - $102.00

KENNETH JAY LANE Garden Party Flower Cuff Bracelet
- $230

June 11, 2009

Hilary Duff Cuffed! by Alexis Bittar

Apparently Hilary Duff loves Alexis Bittar lucite cuff bangles. I saw these pictures of Hilary in these cute, relaxed yet stylish outfits and decided to do some research into what kind of jewelry she was wearing. Turns out, Hilary had on a Moon Dust Abalone Hinge Bracelet by a well known New York designer Alexis Bittar.

With flowing curve and a glow of color this striking wide hinged cuff bracelet is a dramatic statement in Bittar's classic luminous hand-carved resin. Decorated with Swarovski crystals and pearls in shades of pink champagne, citrine, and moonstone. This truly amazing piece and more gorgeous Alexis Bittar jewelry is now available at Creative Contrast. Use the coupon promo code ALEXIS5 to get 5% off on any Alexis Bittar jewelry purchase. Shipping is free worldwide!

June 9, 2009

Jessica Alba and Baby Looking Glam

Jessica Alba, the long time admirer of CC Skye jewelry, was spotted wearing one of my favorite CC Skye bracelets - double mac! Made from genuine Italian leather with 18K gold plated metal details, this is a statement piece that is both edgy and glam. Both double and single CC Skye Mac bracelets are now available at Creative Contrast with free Priority mail shipping worldwide!

June 8, 2009

Alexis Bittar Floral Pins from "Lipstick Jungle"

Everything floral - from floral prints to flower jewelry are a hot choice right now. Though perfect for Spring and Summer time, floral jewelry can be worn all year. Floral pins add a modern-retro touch to an outfit and can be attached to a jacket or a cardigan, as well as used to accessorize dresses, blouses, knitted tops, tunics, knitwear and waistcoats. However, possibilities do not end here! I love how Lindsay Price in Lipstick Jungle attaches her Alexis Bittar flower pin to a belt, creating a very feminine and sophisticated look. Some other options for wearing floral pins are as attached to a necklace, scarf or a handbag.

In my opinion, Alexis Bittar makes the most beautiful flower pins! His Amaryllis, Anemone and Begonia shaped floral pins are hand crafted from lucite. Each piece goes through several stages of carving, polishing, hand-painting, glazing and decorating with gold-plated elements and Swarovski crystals. Each piece is unique and is a true piece of art. These pins will make an incredible accessory that you can wear with different outfits all year long. They'd make a great holiday gift.

These gorgeous Alexis Bittar pins and other beautiful Alexis Bittar jewelry are available at CREATIVE CONTRAST. Use the COUPON CODE ALEXIS5 to receive 5% off any Alexis Bittar purchase. Shipping is free worldwide!

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