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January 28, 2010

Who Wore It Best: Olivia Palermo v. AnnaLynne Mccord

If these ladies have anything to do with the economy over the next few seasons, the power ring will replace the power suit and style will save us all.

Olivia Palermo and Annalynne Mccord are both known for their smash television hits, The City and 90210, as well as their killer sense of style. Olivia is an Upper East Side socialite who has a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman on speed dial and closet of blazers on continual rotation. AnnaLynne, on the other hand, plays a California girl who counts skin tight dresses and bikinis as acceptable business attire.

Clearly both women agree that black and white works well on both coasts and in any occasion. They also agree that the CC Skye Blossom Ring is a must.

Dressed in a fitted blazer and buttoned-up blouse, Olivia Palermo added an element of surprise to her look with CC Skye's sparkling ring. The sizable piece is made up of tiny rectangular rhinestones and attention-grabbing details. We love how the CC Skye Blossom Ring compliments Olivia's otherwise conservative look and has everyone taking notes on her personal style.

Dressed in a flirty dress at the "Naturally Victoria's Secret" Bath and Body Launch, AnnaLynne also modeled the CC Skye Blossom Ring like a pro. Her laid back attitude was kept in check by her choice of sophisticated accessories.

So tell us, whose style do you prefer? Olivia's grown up glam or AnnaLynne's soft sparkle? Let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting "Olivia Palermo" or "AnnaLynne" to @creativecontrst!

By Anne-Marie Scali, Contributing Blogger

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January 26, 2010

Drew Barrymore Could Use A Little Bling

We all love Drew's sense of style and her carefree spirit, yet something was missing this past weekend when Drew emerged victorious, for the second time, onstage. It wasn't just longtime boyfriend Justin Long, whom Drew forgot to thank, again. It appears Drew forgot to well, finish getting dressed.

While we appreciate her choice of gown, a navy Monique Lhuiller to be exact, we're curious as to why Drew played down that gorgeous neckline? We would have loved to see Drew emphasize her playful side with oversized pieces by Alexis Bittar like this Gold Labradorite, Tigereye, Triple Strand Necklace (at left) or this Gold Triple Link Liquid Metal Necklace (at right.)

We would have also loved a little lip gloss, eye color or blush on Drew but let's just stick with accessories for now.

Known for his bold style and his vivid designs, Alexis Bittar’s pieces are a must for many a-list stars. Like Drew, the pieces we have featured here are down to earth yet elegant, and totally charming. Each of the necklaces we picked out for Drew work to illuminate her look while softly emphasizing the intricate details of her gown. If we had it our way, we would have added one of these statement necklaces to Drew's SAG ensemble in a heartbeat. Wouldn't you?

By Anne-Marie Scali, Contributing Blogger

January 23, 2010

Playing Stylist With My Kooba

After scouring my wardrobe, performing my annual closet cleaning, and ebaying some of my beloved clothing and accessories, I can't help but admit... I've been on a little shopping frenzy, scoping out some new lovely duds during the remaining chilly winter months, while also checking out some fresh pieces for Spring. At the moment, I've said "goodbye" to some of my old handbags which will be finding new homes to proud ebayers, and am looking for a couple new members to add to my closet.

One of my handbag faves for the longest time has been Kooba -- not only for their soft, supple quality leather, but also the slouchy and versatile shapes, which make them the quintessential everyday bag. Since I'm not the type to change my handbag every single day depending on what outfit I have on, I've been looking for one or two to fit the bill, and faithfully stay by my side day by day. On a great note, it's safe to say that Creative Contrast always manages to be one of my top stops for all the hottest accessories, whether played up for night or paired down casually during day.

During those on-the-go moments, when all I need are my keys, wallet, phone, and a little lip stain, I've been eyeing Kooba's sexy Becca chained mini sling. This little lovely is quite versatile for day slung along your favorite blazer and jeans, and during your nights out as a chic mini clutch. Imagine wearing a fierce, little black dress with Becca's show-stopping blue colour and metal details naturally shimmering by your side. I personally love how the metal hardware adds just a bit of edginess as well. Check out how I'd rock my Koobas:

true blue

I have a weakness for slightly large, slouched hobos where I can throw in virtually all my goodies and tote them around NYC throughout the entire day. Kooba's Juliet handbag, for me, might just serve such a purpose. The simplicity of soft black leather in a casual shape makes this a must-have piece that can be rocked with anything, especially my long, oatmeal-coloured cardis that I wear ritually. I'd also add a little boho with a floppy black hat contrasted with a studded, zippered dress and strappy wedges.


For some little added luxury to go with that versatility factor, I've been totally fixated on Kooba's oh so gorgeous Natasha handbag. I'm not sure whether it's the beautiful bordeaux hue that gives this piece a "love at first sight" quality, the intricate gold metal hardware, or possibly the supple, luxurious suede, but whatever the case may be, I'm completely smitten. The large size also gives an added advantage for me. I'd rock this with my fuzzy fur vest, leather jacket, skinny black jeans, and gold CC Skye pieces for that little tinge of added sparkle.


fuzzy chic

By Lauren Baluyo, Contributing Blogger

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January 18, 2010

Rockin' My Rebecca Minkoff Linear Studs

* Note that at the end of this blog post is a video sneak peak of Rebecca Minkoff's amazing 2010 Spring Line!

While I've always been a faithful admirer of Rebecca Minkoff's many luxurious leather goodies (afterall, how can one ever forget those gorgeous Morning Afters in all the many colours and textures?), my eyes have recently been transfixed on her latest 2010 handbag hit...the Linear Stud collection. Upon reeling them through her new additions, I can't help but channel my own rock-star vibe into my wardrobe mix. It's a great feeling to come across certain chic pieces that inspire me, inevitably tapping into my inner "fashion stylist mode" -- I just had to share with you guys my personal style takes on how I'd rock her handbags. Fortunately, Creative Contrast recently picked up these studded lovelies! Check out my takes:

Here, not only did Minkoff nail the Linear Stud Flame tote with her use of gorgeous gold and silver studs, but I'm also loving the supple ivory leather coupled with zippers. On my chill, laid back days just strolling through NYC, I'd sling this little lovely around my arm with this wardrobe combo of mine (and can't forget to accessorize with a wicked CC Skye ring and leather screw bracelet).

rebecca minkoff flame
rebecca minkoff linear stud

What I also admire about her new additions is just how versatile they are -- sport them during my cozy days out and about with a cuddly sweater coat, distressed tee, jeans, and a beanie (like I would here), or throw on a skimming black cutout dress with platform heels for night. With Minkoff's Linear Stud Rocker bag (below), the detachable strap makes it easy to go from day (slung around your shoulder) to night as a sexy, chic little clutch.

rebecca minkoff linear stud rocker
laid back rocker 2

With Minkoff's Linear Stud Nikki Black Cat, not only does it convey that edgy, rocker vibe, which adds a bit of "POW" to any closet, but it also maintains itself as a must-have staple piece that goes with virtually anything you throw on. The oxidized metal hardware and pyramid studs add to its ultra chill character, and its versatile size allows any gal to stuff all her much-needed essentials throughout the day. I'd rock this with my chunky nude cardigan, granny boots, quirky "Annie Hall-esque" hat, and a CC Skye rocker mesh bracelet.

rebecca minkoff nikki

cozy and studded

By Lauren Baluyo, Contributing Blogger

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January 16, 2010

Get Their Look: The Golden Globes

In anticipation of Sunday night's Golden Globes, we put some of last year's favorite red carpet looks to the test. Turns out, it's easy to get these star studded looks just by browsing the collection at Creative Contrast. We've got pieces that win in all categories. Take a look at how we've re-created some of last year's favorites.

Debra Messing decided it was better to go big or stay stay home. She was right. We love how she stacked bracelet upon bracelet to create her red carpet look. We love the hair too! We can't wait to see what you'll wear on the red carpet this year.

Get Debra Messings's Look: KENNETH JAY LANE Gold Alligator Stretch Bracelet, $159. ALEXIS BITTAR Gold Reverse Quilt Hinge Bangle in Gold , $221. ALEXIS BITTAR Gold Burnt Amber Lucite Crystal Mosaic Oval Rope Bangle, $330. ALEXIS BITTAR Miss Havisham Small Gold Molten Hematite Cuff Bracelet, $112.50.

We'll be routing for Sandra Bullock this Sunday night when she's up for Best Picture for The Blind Side. Not simply because we love her as an actor but because we love her Southwest style. The actress owns a Southern BBQ joint in Texas and brought some spice to last year's Golden Globes with an arm full of turquoise.

Get Sandra Bullock's Look: KENNETH JAY LANE Large Gold and Turquoise Cabochons Snake Ring, $175. KENNETH JAY LANE Antique Gold and Turquoise Sapphire Back Snake Ring, $108. KENNETH JAY LANE Antique Gold and Turquoise Dots Octopus Ring, $129.

It's true that the Golden Globe after parties can get a little wild. Maria Menounos brought her own wildlife to last year's NBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features` official after party when she wore this elephant cuff bracelet. We can't help feeling all warm and fuzzy when we look at this little guy which is why we love these animal inspired accessories. Lions and tiger and bears, oh my!

Get Maria Menounos' Look: NOIR Goldie the Elephant Cubic Zirconia Encrusted Pave Pink Ring, $170. SIR ALISTAIR RAI Jackie O Clutch with Animal Print, $135.

By Anne-Marie Scali, Contributing Blogger

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January 12, 2010

Angelically Liberating with Matta

As I peruse all the frilly, vibrant colour palettes and styles of Matta's sweet, "angelically-infused" scarves, I can't help imagining myself copping one in every single texture, design, and ombre-styled hue, sweeping it around my neck, while retreating to one of my personal, laidback "ultra-chill" spots and unwinding with a cup of tea, or possibly a glass of wine at hand. As silly as it may sound, these are one of the little, heavenly images I like to make for myself when I find precious, chic pieces that inspire me.

It's no doubt how Cristina Gitti, founder and designer of Matta, prides herself on spot-on, uniquely handmade designs, which prove that each and every piece brings along something quite special to the table. I can't seem to place my finger on it-- whether it's the use of colours, especially the light ombre, transitioning shades of mauve or citrus, frilly, pom pom features of Matta's Dupatta scarves, or simply the designer's overall approach to free-flowing, beautiful designs that each reflect Gitti's inspirations through her many travels.

Nowadays, whenever I make my little fashion "personal, must-have" purchases I tend to place a bit more thought and emphasis into what I buy, not so much on whether it's the new trend of the season (so I must have it), but rather the quality, thought, and special beauty that were established in it's work. While many of us at one point or another used to be fashion "pack rats" for the sake of our wardrobes (I know I have!), it's a much better feeling these days to actually appreciate a timeless piece of fashion that possesses some character and come away feeling fulfilled with an exceptional purchase -- and Gitti's Matta scarves simply convey these thoughts of mine in every sense of the word.

Her scarves are quite rare to come by, but luckily, I was able to scope a range of gorgeous ones at Creative Contrast, with many priced lower than other retailers. Thank the heavens! Matta, you will be mine!

By Lauren Baluyo, Contributing Blogger

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January 9, 2010

Who Wore It Best: Megan Fox vs. Vanessa Hudgens

(Click to Enlarge)

There's no such thing as "less is best" when it comes to Hollywood. The more you have, the more the media loves you. We can barely keep up with stars who flaunt their cribs on MTV or parade their latest relationship for all to see. (Lindsay Lohan, ahem.)

The rules are the same for the red carpet. Dress to the max and you're sure to make "best dressed."

Two starlets who seem to have their relationships in check are still indulging in a little excessive behavior. Megan Fox and Vanessa Hudgens are both raven haired beauties and huge fans of celebrity jewelry designer Melinda Maria. Creative Contrast is proud to carry Melinda Maria's line of rings, earrings and bracelets priced from $99 to $174.

Seen here wearing multiple Melinda Maria pod cuffs to the 2009 MTV Movie Awards is Megan Fox. Tucked behind a stack of bangles and a beautiful Melinda Maria pod ring at the LG Rumorous Night is Vanessa Hudgens. Both women took it to the max with mini dresses and multiple accessories. Tell us, which star did it best, Megan Fox or Vanessa Hudgens?

Meanwhile, we'd love to know how would you style your Melinda Maria accessories. Would you make it a trio like Megan Fox or keep your look simple with a single piece of Melinda Maria jewelry?

By Anne-Marie Scali, Contributing Blogger

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January 4, 2010

Peace, Love, And Good Karma Via Sir Alistair Rai

Bandhini Silk Scarf in Nude

Recently peeping through some of the heavenly sweet Spring 2010 scarves from Sir Alistair Rai's new collection, it's safe to say that I've become an instant fan, considering their take on purely rare to come by designs, which mesh an appealing ethnic aesthetic with positive messages regarding peace and love.

With this is mind, it's great to know that designer Kiran Rai (of Sir Alistair Rai), consistently draws much of her gracious inspiration through her innermost passions, which include qualities such as peace, social progress, truthfulness, love for one another, and an appreciation for her Indian heritage. I do sincerely applaud Rai for her wholehearted approach on exceptional, quality design. And with fashion's much-appreciated celebs like Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Drew Barrymore, Mischa Barton, and many others sporting Rai's designs, one could see why her collections have gained an admirable style-crowd.

Reeling my eyes through Rai's new collection, I find myself loving the fresh, calming hues mixed with spot-on, chic ethnic designs that seem to convey a touch of edginess - making Sir Alistair Rai's pieces all the more appealing.

I cannot wait to GRAB one of these beauties myself! They'd pretty much make any lovely outfit of mine a wee bit more interesting - just throw it on loosely around my neck, rock a casual tank, some gold hoops, and go! :)

Here's a roundup of some of Sir Alistair Rai's new pieces - each one maintains their own sense of uniqueness. Check out Creative Contrast and cop one of these Spring season must-haves.

"After all, beauty, truth and love never go out of style. That said, live truthfully." - Sir Alistair Rai

By Lauren Baluyo, Contributing Blogger

Tie Dye Mobius Scarf in Chiffon/Silk Mauve

Om Mantra Love Scarf

Bandhini Silk Scarf in Soft Black

Tri Mantra Karma in Coffee Brown

Sanskrit Mobius Scarf in Stone

Tie-Dye Scarf/Wrap in Soft Black/Mauve

Gayatri Mantra Love Scarf

Leon Satin Mobius Scarf in Nude