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August 31, 2009

Jessica Alba's New Tolani Love

Jessica, an unofficial spokes girl for the Toani brand was just spotted in yet another gorgeous Tolani scarf. This time she opted for a colorful silk version in feather Inspired print designed in vibrant turquoise and green with a hint of tropical orange. The result - another inspiring summer outfit that is equally chic and effortless. This girl makes everything seem so casual and simple and that's what we love about her.

What I think is the best part about this carefree multicolor accessory? It can be layered with a plain tank, simple print dress or a jacket to take you from Summer through Fall…

Tolani scarves are absolutely beautiful and use some of the best materials. Better yet, they are all handmade and the detail and design of each is really impeccable. A great selection of Tolani scarves is now available at Creative Contrast with free domestic and international (for orders over $100) shipping.

August 29, 2009

My New Obsession - Rebecca Minkoff's Lover's Clutch!

The Lover's Clutch by Rebecca Minkoff combines timeless style with sex appeal. The finish is soft leather with shimmering detail and in a sassy gunmetal shade, making this bag equally at home on the red carpet and the dance floor.
Leather body with a wood, structured frame and magnetic closure leaves plenty of room for your everyday items, without loosing its small evening bag chic. Rebecca doesn't overcomplicate things, with the contemporary square wood frame and corner details made in matching gunmetal tone hardware being the only accents for this striking clutch.

This limited edition in Gunmetal is now available for immediate shipping at Creative Contrast.

August 28, 2009

Alexis Bittar Statement Jewelry in Black and Silver

Super-sized accessories are so in this season! Chunky rings, oversized necklaces and huge earrings are becoming a part of the outfit rather than just an accent to an outfit. Stand out jewelry pieces come in bold colors, geometric shapes and embellished details. Alexis Bittar takes the trend to a new level. These amazing earrings and ring are hand carved from black lucite and decorated with sparkling Swarovski crystal. Wear these as individual pieces or in combination and you will add glamour to your outfit. More amazing Alexis Bittar jewelry from the artist's Lucite, Elements and Miss Havisham collections are now available at Creative Contrast. Priority mail shipping is free worldwide!

ALEXIS BITTAR Small Rhodium Hermitage Crystal Teastained Purse Earrings in Black

ALEXIS BITTAR Rhodium Hermitage Crystal Teastained Drop Earrings in Black

ALEXIS BITTAR Rhodium Hermitage Crystal Cocktail Ring in Black

August 23, 2009

New Fall Rebecca Minkoff Supernova Stud Bags in Gunmetal

I always thought Rebecca Minkoff Studded Devote and Rocker bags were cool, but this Fall's version in Black with Gunmetal hardware is simply amazing!

With studs and buckles galore, Minkoff's Devote bag bag has a bad-girl vibe about it that makes you want to put on your boots and biker jacket and go for a ride with your bad-boy boyfriend! The buckled belts cinch the rich Italian leather tote and the gunmetal studs have been hand-plated. This bag is also super practical with it roomy interior, magnetic closure, card pocket and protective metal feet.

Rebecca Minkoff Supernova Stud Devote Bag in Black and Gunmetal

Another perfect studded Fall accessory is the Rocker bag. Lindsay Price and Lauren Conrad were spotted wearing this bag. It's no wonder celebs love it - you can wear cross body without it looking silly and change your look instantaneously day-to-night.

Rebecca Minkoff Stud Rocker Handbag in Black and Gunmetal

I absolutely adore the cute little studded Crush bag. Sleek enough for night, chic enough for the morning after, this bag is perfectly sized bag to take out on the town. With its Rock n roll-style stud detail, it will add edginess and fun vibe to any outfit.

Rebecca Minkoff Crush Bag in Black and Gunmetal

All these great bags and more are now available at Creative Contrast with free shipping worldwide! Use the coupon code RM15 to receive a $15 OFF discount on any Minkoff bag

August 8, 2009

Chic Bohemian Sir Alistair Rai Dresses - 20% OFF Sale!

Sir Alistair Rai Summer dresses are now on sale at Creative Contrast! This weekend only (August 8 - 9th), use the coupon code SIRAL20 to receive a 20% OFF discount on any Sir Alistair Rai dress. Sir Alistair Rai dresses are elegant, feminine and present a perfect mix of bohemian chic and Indian charm. Made from 100% silk (like the gorgeous Bianca Maxi Kurta dress or the Majestic jumpsuit) or 100% viscose (like the cute and sexy Jackie O Caftain dresses), these are ideal for Summer on the beach or island vacations. Among celebrities inspired by the Sir Alistair Rai look are Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Ricky Martin, Vanessa Hudgens, Lisa Rinna, Shannon Elizabeth, Hall Sparks and many more! Priority mail shipping is free worldwide!

Sir Alistair Rai Jackie O Caftain Dress

Sir Alistair Rai Majestic Jumpsuit and Geldof Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Sir Alistair Rai Bianca maxi Kurta Dress

August 6, 2009

New Chic Suede Kooba Bags Just In! - Fall 09 Collection

Kooba is the leading designer of modern-vintage style handbags. Started in 1998 by a mother and daughter team, Bonnie and Abbe Held, the Kooba label quickly became a popular accessory used by fashion houses in their runway modeling shows. Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Partridge, Rihanna, Lindsay Price, Blake Lively and Kristen Bell have been spotted wearing Kooba bags.

The material and hardware used in Kooba bags is always high-quality, the handbag designs are stylish but not trendy, and Kooba handbags complement any outfit in a wardrobe.
I am loving Kooba's New Fall 2009 collection made in suede!

Already known and well loved by many, Tess and Dole bag designs are now available in delicious taupe and chocolate colors with gold-plated brass hardware. This winning combination of luxurious soft suede and softly gleaming hardware allows these bags to be perfect for day or for a night out on town.

KOOBA Tess Suede Tote with Belted Detail in Chocolate

Kooba Natasha bag, the favorite of Kristin Cavallari, marries practicality and cuteness so that you won’t have to give up style for comfort. With a twist and a turn of the side clasps, this chic suede tote in vibrant bordeaux converts into a roomy carryall. Minimal gold hardware adds just enough shine!

KOOBA Natasha Suede Convertible Tote with Turnlock in Bordeaux

All these amazing Kooba bags and more are now available at Creative Contrast! Shipping is free worldwide!